What Jewelry to Wear at the Beach and Seaside?

It is finally summer! The unbearable heat has settled in and the smell of the sea, or even the town’s pool is luring you to put on your new bikini and head to the beach.

You need to accessorize, of course. The days when you could just wear a bathing suit and your beach outfit was done are long gone, you need jewellery as well.

Many of us will only now be preparing for our annual summer getaway. It's always nice to have a few special, seaside-inspired pieces to add to your suitcase when you're off somewhere sunny. These are the items that I would recommend. We probably wear more jewellery on holiday at any one time than we due in a week at home. I guess it's that slightly boho feel we try to embrace when we're on a beach.

So, where to start? It’s no secret ocean water is salty, and thus contains chemical compounds that put your jewelry at greater risk than the water that comes out of your tap. The key beach piece this summer is to find a dainty, affordable, 14k gold ring, because sterling silver ring is not so suitable for seaside vocation.

           Heart Shaped Stone With Interwoven Heart Infinity Band

        Princess-Cut Mozambique Diamond Square Frame Twist Ring

Another really easy piece to play with this summer are necklaces! Along the same lines as the ring, you want something that can withstand the sand, sun, and chlorine.


14K Real Gold Pearl Necklaces For Women 

The white pearl with round shape is embedded on the high polished gold pendant and strung into the chic chain, perfectly embodies minimalist aesthetics, so that everyone wearing this single pearl necklace gold looks elegant and charming.

Everybody loves a little summertime sparkle. Whether you’re hopping on a cruise, relaxing at a tropical resort, hanging out by the pool or just relaxing on the beach, you always want to look your best. What better way to do that than with some world-class accessories? If you're looking for just the right pieces to complement your summer look, head to Romanticwork online and shop our selection of brilliant jewelry.


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