Luciana Rossi: The founder of Romanticwork

One City, One Island 

As the founder of Romanticwork, Luciana was born in an ancient city and lived in a loving home, as if surrounded by the beautiful things around her. Her childhood left her full of hope and happiness, and the children loved by God are destined to experience some injustice. At the age of 15, she lost everything. That year, she grew up. 

As time went by, the only thing she insisted on was paintbrush from 10 years old, which she had never put down. At the age of 16, a coincidence one day, she passed a hotel lobby, which displayed for free various ores and gems found on an island. She was attracted by the natural color in front of her, and she was difficult to move and could not extricate herself. From that moment, she knew that she must learn jewelry design and become a jewelry designer. This is also her first entry into jewelry design.

A Road of Love

She was a lucky girl on the road to pursue love and met her boyfriend who loved her very much. The only thing in the world that was totally unpredictable is love. They got married after five years of love marathon.

Then she successfully entered a well-known company and became a senior jewelry designer, and her daily commercial design was boring and monotonous. She was a loving person in her heart, and she knew that the design she was looking for was not like this. She believes that every design should have its own story, she left the company and created her own jewelry brand: Romanticwork. She believes that those beautiful natural jewelry, white, green, blue, pink, gold, even black, are the gifts of nature, and will make the wearer more beautiful and charming.

Jewelry Perception

The intimate relationship between jewelry designers and jewelry has also become a habit and secret in this industry. Every jewelry designer styles are different. Every time she harvests a gem or diamond that fits her soul, she will design the original natural personality jewelry with the first feeling without hesitation. Whether it is a perfect diamond or a diamond that is not so perfect, she uses her extraordinary perception to find the most reasonable and natural expression for them. "Life gives you a lemon, the best way to squeeze it into lemonade, and give it a brand new name." She has always liked this proverb.

Like everyone else, Luciana loves her job. Maybe she didn’t think of design as a job. What’s more, she likes jewelry design and firmly believes that dreams need to be guarded. 


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