How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring?

What’s Your Style?

Are you a platinum woman, or will a warm gold suit your skin tone? Have a think about what metals you like and if you’d like something detailed or simple. Consider if you want your band engraved, heavily embellished or finished with glitzy gemstones before you start ring shopping, so you can put more of your efforts into the style you like. And if you’re not at all sure what type of ring you want, start dreaming! Take inspiration from Pinterest and other sharing sites that might give you a few ideas of what ring would suit you. 

How About Budget?

Just like any other part of your wedding planning, you will need a budget. You might want to research a little into how much your dream ring might cost, before creating an unrealistic budget and being disappointed. Set aside enough of your wedding funds to go towards a ring that you love as you will be wearing it for a long time to come. Take into consideration how much it will be to insure your ring too.

To Match Or Not To Match?

Do you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring, or just complement it? Would you like you and your husband to- be’s bands to match metals, or take on your own unique styles? Now is the time to answer all of these questions, but don’t be afraid to take a different stride. You and your partner’s rings could entwine two different metals to represent your individual personalities, meaning you could always have them connected to you on your finger. How romantic! A wedding ring set is certainly a good choice.

Lifestyle Choices

Ponder your day-to-day lifestyle before committing to a specific ring. Certain metals will be better for different people, so if you’re always on the go and want your ring to feel extra durable, go for platinum and avoid stones that may fall out or get dirty. Or if you’re someone who uses their hands a lot and wants a ‘comfort’ choice, try a flatter band with more rounded edges so your ring slips into your life with ease. 

Think Ahead About Jewelry Trend

Most people wear their wedding bands all day, every day for 50+ years. So when choosing your dream ring, you will need to consider if you’ll still like it in years to come. It might not be best to listen to the latest jewellery trends as they are likely to become less popular over time and you don’t want to get stuck with a ring you no longer like. Choose a ring because you have fallen in love with it, not just because your friends love it at the time.

Choosing wedding rings can be a huge task because you will be wearing it for the rest of your life! Remember to keep your personality and style in mind and don’t be afraid to take risks. These rings will symbolize your love for one another and you will want them to be as unique and special as your relationship. Let us know which kinds of wedding ring is your type in the comments below, or on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! 

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